Welcome to United Starz Academy

Upcoming programs:

All American Pom Camp       Wed July 30, 2014 10:00-12:00

This camp is a must attend! Girls will learn a pom dance and experience what is it like to be on an All American Dance Team. Learn how to do kick lines, pom ripples, a formation changes.  Girls will create a special dance craft to take home.

Pajama Pre K Camp          Thurs  July 31, 2014 9:00-1100 am

Boys and girls alike-it's time to party in your pajamas! Students are asked to wear their pajams to camp, bring a sleeping bag, pilow and wear socks.  Activities include a safe and age appropriate pillow fight, jumping on the "bed" (inflatable bounce house) and watching a short cartoon while eating popcorn.  A special craft is also included.

Golf and More Camp       Friday     August 1, 2014   9:00-12:00pm 

Golf enthusiasts this camp is for you! Participants will be introduced to the basics of golf and then be challenged on USA's 18 hole minature golf course.  Golfers will receive a special souvenir gift, do a craft, and hace a snack on the turn of the 18th hole course.