Egg Box Making Machine Features

Many companies of all sizes are using egg box making machine to produce paper cartons. The reason for the popularity of the egg carton making machine is their abilities to produce environmentally-friendly products, replacing the plastic based egg cartons.

With the combination of waste paper and water, it is easy to start producing egg boxes with an egg carton machine. The primary production processes include pulping, followed by mold forming and finally drying. When you change the mold, these egg carton production lines can also produce other items such as egg cartons, egg trays, bottle trays, fruit trays and more.

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale
Beston Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale

Egg cartons or egg boxes are specialized containers that are designed to carry as well as transport whole eggs. This invention came about due to an argument between a hotel owner and a farmer in the local area. The eggs that the farmer delivered were often broken. Today, the standard egg cartons have dedicated spaces to accommodate 12 eggs, yet these sizes can be customized according to the needs of the manufacturer of paper pulp molding machine.

Additives That Are Often Added Into The Process of Egg Box Making Machine

With the addition of pigment additives, the egg box making machine is able to generate a number of different egg carton box colors. Another additive that is commonly used includes glue. The glue provides an anti-moisture barrier which helps the egg cartons to stay strong and durable without any distortions.

Adding the correct measurements of additives is a vital element involved when producing egg boxes. The latest egg carton making machines on the market on offer through well-known manufacturers are able to produce 1000-7500 pieces in just an hour.

Beston Egg Crate Machine with Reasonable Price
Beston Egg Crate Machine with Reasonable Price

Here are some of the standout features associated with the egg box making machines:

• Function

The egg carton making machine efficiently produces egg trays or cartons which are designed to accommodate individual eggs, providing a way to isolate each egg from the next. These cartons serve the purpose of protecting the eggs against the general stresses that are exerted during storage and transportation in the way of absorbing most of the shock.

• The Price

The egg box machine is offered at an affordable price. For those looking for an investment in smaller projects, this machine is the ideal choice. According to the needs and budget of each customer, these machines are available in the following options: 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000-5000, 5000, and 6000 pieces. The smaller machines are a cheaper alternative to the automated egg box making machines.

• Environmentally-Friendly

The egg box making machines use recycled waste paper and turn them into egg trays or cartons. In addition, the manufacturing process of these machines also does not produce any type of pollution. See this process on BESTONGROUP.ID.

The egg box making machines has provided a lucrative opportunity for all types of investors that may be interested in generating an income off making egg boxes.

Egg carton making machines are available in different models which typically include the 48 units, 40, 32, 16 and 12. If you prefer one of the smaller units you can easily dry your semi-finished products in sunlight. If you are looking for larger production, these machines come with features such as a semi-automatic and automatic dryer.